Case Study IX

Case Study IX: Stand-alone Java App – Client, Australia

Client needed a java app to compress Tekla(.dg) files, transport between different design locations with respective reports ensuring the latest version of the design files exist across various design centres. ProcessĀ  to be followed while using our app.

1. Zip the required files with its report and transport by e-mail to your another design location where the older version still exist.

2. The receiver of the file saves the file to the location where the older file exist.

3. Receiver then uses the Unzip and rename app which will unzip and check between older an new versions of the tekla files, compare the reports and rename the relevant files, remove the older versions and maintain the new version of the Tekla files.


Full desktop based Java app.

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  1. SELVA says:

    I would like to get this application. Kindly reply.

  2. admin says:

    Kindly Share your specifications will let you know

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